"Bits and Pieces" from Dyno Testing

After some initial testing with our Inertial Dyno, MANY patterns and HUGE amounts of qualitative data are being generated. We have made approximately 60 documented runs of 21 size engines, 20 runs of 45 size engines, 80 runs of 67 size engines and 50 runs of 90 size engines. A definite pattern for each of these size engines has emerged. We have been able to determine, with unbelievable accuracy, what the optimum compression ratio is, the optimum nitro percentage for maximum power, the squish band percentage of the total bore, best pipes for each engine size, optimum head clearance, optimum squish band angles, etc. I will provide some "Bits and Pieces" of this data. (registered "Engine Analysis Program" buyers get continuing information)

First, let me tell you the best engine output by size, which we have tested. For 21 size engines, a short stroke Nova Rossi owned by Marty Davis has developed 2.58 hp and 93 oz in of torque and a BMEP of 11.73 bar. (BMEP is horsepower normalized by displacement so we can compare output across engine size) A 21 engine putting out 11.73 BMEP is equivalent to a 67 engine putting out 11.73 BMEP. Output of 45 size engines is still in its early stages. Output of 67 size engines was an EXR Picco engine owned by Marty Davis which put out 5.69 hp and 283 oz in of torque with BMEP of 11.32 UNTIL we tested an engine this past weekend owned by Paul Dahm's (built by Tom Grannis and John Ackerman) which put out a WHOPPING 6.20 hp and 301 oz inches of Torque and the BEST BMEP TO DATE of 12.01 bar. The 91 size engines are led by a K90 owned by Bobby Coleman and John Ackerman which put out 7.48 hp and 358 oz in of torque and BMEP of 10.48. Looks like there is more left here!

OK, so what have we learned that may be of help to you? First, for those of you with MWD Pipe Design Program, the Exhaust Gas Temperatures are as follows: 21 - 750, 45 - 720, 67/80/90 - 700.

Compression Ratios for those of you with The Engine Analysis Program as follows: 21 - 10.3 to 12, 45 - 9.5 to 10.0, 67 - 8.5 to 9.5, 80/90 - 7.5 to 8.5. These ratios are assuming that you run nitro percentages of 21 - 60%, 45 - 60%, 67 - 55%, 80/90 - 50%.

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