The Tampa Model Boat Club is the newest competition boat club in the State of Florida. The Club just completed it's first sanctioned contest June 11, 2006. The club also hosts a 2 day race August 19th & 20th, and another 1 day race October 1st, at the Tampa site.

The Boat club's home racing pond is located at the Northeast Interchange of SR 589 (Veterans Expressway) and West Waters Avenue.

Exit at Waters Avenue, go East to first Stoplight and turn left/North. Road "Dead Ends" at the Tampa Pond.

Contact the club president, after 5:30pm for more information or write E Mail to the address at the bottom of this page (

How Our Races are Run:

Radio Control Model Boat Racing has as its base, rules similar to those used by the "Big Unlimited Hydroplanes" you see on television. We race in heats with from 5-8 boats. Two and a half minutes are allowed to start, launch and be ready for the start of the heat. At the expiration of this two and a half minutes (2:30) the race starts. Six laps are run after the start with the winner being the first to finish. Points are awarded to the finishers as follows: 1st - 400, 2nd - 300, 3rd - 225, 4th - 169, 5th - 127, etc. Point deductions or lap penalties are made for cutting buoys. Boats are classed by engine size and hull type. Examples: Nitro Engine sizes are from .21 ci up to 1.8 ci. We also compete with various classes of Weed Eater Gas Engines. Hulls are classified as Hydro's, Monoplane Hulls or Tunnel Hulls (Outboard). There are several specialty classes run and include: 1/8 Scale (Replicas of the real unlimited boats), Tunnel Hull Outboards, Gas Boats (using "Weedeater" type engines), Sport 40 Boats (similar to scale boats). There are classes and boat speeds for everyone's interests. There are boats which run 35-45 MPH (beginning class) up to over 100 MPH for the really hot classes. We welcome families and beginning boaters.


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