Some Tips on your RC Nitro Cars Purchase

Because of the ambient popularity of RC nitro cars among all age groups (young children and adults often find themselves hooked to these little monsters), many toy companies have been releasing their own versions of the powerful toy that comes in a very wide range of pricesthat is able to fit every budget. The RC nitro cars popularity may be attributed to its realistic looks, speeds that go to over and beyond 50 miles per hour (which is the speed you can get when driving a real car), and its ability to be customized according to an owner’s specifications. However, there are various things that a first time buyer must take into account before making his first purchase.
First and foremost is the car’s size. There are currently two popular sizes among enthusiasts: the 1/8 and the 1/10 scale. The 1/8 scale is the larger choice and comes standard with a 2 or 3 automatic speed transmission, while the 1/10 scale is considered to be the industry standard for people who wish to do on-road racing. The next thing to consider when making a purchase is the type of RC nitro cars. The most popular choice for this line of RC cars is the one intended for on-road use. The off-road type is popular among those who wish to use the car for its ability to be run on difficult and uneven surfaces.
Note that RC nitro cars engines come in the popular 2-stroke and the 4-stroke versions. One of the main differences between these two engines is that the 2-stroke version requires a fuel oil mixture for fuel while the 4-stroke version can run on straight fuel. However, the 2-stroke version is able to produce higher rotations per minute and is therefore more suitable for racing. The 4-stroke motor version on the other hand has more power and torque making it more suitable for off-road usage.
Like its electric counterpart, RC nitro cars also come in ready to run boxes, or build it yourself kits, the main difference being that you will be able to save time with a ready to run box, or save money with buying a build it yourself kit. On the upside however, building your own car from a kit will help familiarize you with the required maintenance that you will need to do in the future. If you choose to build your car manually, don’t expect to be able to finish it in one go. Expect to take time and to avoid mistakes, always read the instructions sheet that comes with the kit carefully and thoroughly.Make sure to work in a clean area with good lighting and remember to keep the parts and tools separated in an orderly manner.
Whether you want to use your car for racing or you simply want to enjoy a leisure afternoon playing with it by yourself, this toy car will surely give you a great amount of fun that you will otherwise not be able to experience with its electric powered counterpart.

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RC Drift Cars Opens up a whole new world of RC Racing

A new craze in RC car racing, that it generating a lot of excitement and fun, is RC drift car racing. Imagine driving around a race course completely sideways with your RC drift car, on some drift courses – that is exactly what you will be doing. Drift racing requires the development of whole new set of racing skills,if you want to make it to the finish line before your buddies.The hard plastic drift wheels on your four wheel drive RC drift car provide little traction, which means you have to carefully build your direction and momentum in advance of, and around every turn, as you drift sideways around each turn.

Kids and adults also get a kick out of doing spins and a range of of other wild movements as they drive their remote control Drift car down a road.

You can also get RC drift cars with LED lights, and have drft races is the dark, for a whole new set of racing challeges,while having some crazy fun.

Many RC drift cars come with brushed electric motors, which are less expensive and quite suitable for drift racing, as the low friction of the Drift tires do not allow you to build up much speed, so the faster wheel rotations that a brushless electric motors can generate, does not help much, when it comes to drift racing. None the less,it is important to know that you can normally convert a Brushless electric RC car or even a Nitro gas powered RC car to a RC drft car by simply changing the on-road wheels to drift wheels. So now you can use your brushless electric or nitro RC Car for both on-road racing and drift racing , simply by having both on-road and drift wheels for your RC car. Howver, RC Buggies are not normally suited for drift racing, as they do not provide a suitable ground clearance and suspension, and they have a higher center of gravity.

One thing to consider if you are planning to do drift racing with a number of your buddies, is the radio system. If the RC drift car comes with an AM radio system, you have to ensure the frequencies being used on each car is different, or you will have 2 controllers truying to control the same RC car ( there are normally about 5 different AM requencies available). A 2.4G radio system may be a better choice, as a 2.4G radio system automatically switches to a vacant channel, so that you never have another RC drift car on the same channel. Other advantages of the 2.4G radio system include more range, avoiding the risk if external interference, and no long aerials to snap on the RC car or transmiiter/ controller.

So get yourself a RC drift car and experieince the exhilarating rush of drift racing.

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What You Should Know Before Buying RC Helicopters

If you are just starting out with the RCH (RC heli) hobby, chances are you will wind up crashing your model at some point. Due to this fact, it is recommended that you start with an RCH that is easy to control, but also durable. The R/C 16 inches Insect Dragonfly Helicopter is a perfect example of this. As with all the examples to be listed, you can find it at

However, you will need an RCH (RC heli) that is crash resistant. Meaning, it will not shatter to bits on your first try. One example of this is the R/C 16 inches Insect Dragonfly Helicopter, which (like all the examples in this article) can be found at:

Something else to consider is the amount of movement, which goes with complexity of controls, you would like. The most basic controls are 2channel, which control up and down movement as well as rotation (which way it’s facing). You can gain forward momentum by balancing the RCH in the air (no rotation) only, but there is no actual control of this. X-Type Infrared 2ch Mini RC Helicopter is an example of a 2channeler.

If you would like control of side-to-side movement, also called ‘crabbing’, then you would need a 4channel model. If you couldn’t tell by its title, crabbing is moving left or right while still maintaining the current facing of the model, as a crab does on the beach. This allows for more unique performances, and an easier way to get past obstacles.

4channel: left and right, or side-to-side, movement is added to your control. This is also known as ‘crabbing’, because it resembles movement of its namesake. This extra control allows for more complex flight and bet obstacle avoidance.

Do you want a model that is ready to fly (rtf) or almost ready to fly (ARF: requires some assembly)? What about durability or controls? All these affect the price, so look carefully. The more you want of each, the more it will cost, ranging from 35 dollars to around 300 dollars. Building your own is always an option, but until you are familiar with RCH’s we recommend getting a boxed model.

As you can see, there are several factors to consider before purchasing your first RC helicopter. If you would like more information, or to view more examples, you can visit They have a wide selection, with much information on each model they carry. Other than that, be safe, and try not to crash your first time.

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The Famous Traxxas RC Car Models

Traxxas RC cars are famous for their exceptional speeding capabilities, their models differ in size looks and design but the fact that they are exceptionally fast among RC cars remains true for all its models. Here are some of the models.

The “Bandit” is more of an introductory RC car that runs on batteries. The price of a Bandit is not as much as some of the RC nitro cars from Traxxas, so it is affordable, quite and costs less in maintenance and refueling. The Bandit is also capable of reaching considerable speeds for a electric RC car and do not underestimate its ability to withstand tough conditions either.

Usually, RC trucks are not meant for the tracks, they work better off-road than on paved-tracks but the “Jato 3.3 RTR Nitro” is not one of them. This RC nitro truck is capable of going at tremendous speeds on-road and also run with accuracy even when going off-road through mud, sand or rocks. The solid grip is possible for the Jato to maintain because of the supreme “Anaconda” tires that it comes equipped with. This RC nitro car is certainly a beast to be reckoned with both off-road and on-road.

After mentioning the Jato, I should probably introduce the “Nitro 4-tec 3.3 as it is probably the fastest car in Traxxas’ arsenal today, thanks to the extremely potent TRX- 3.3 engine that powers it. This RC nitro car is capable of speeds as high as 70 mph or more because the engine is one of the best that you can get for a RC nitro car nowadays. At such speeds it can indeed be very difficult to maintain control, therefore this is not a car for the beginners, buy it only if you are capable of controlling the speed beast even in tight corners with your radio device.

When you are dealing with the “TMaxx 3.3 RTR Nitro”, know that you are dealing with a monster truck that is not only powerful but also uns at speeds quite amazing for any class of RC nitro cars, let alone a huge monster truck! The TRX 3.3 motor is the prime reason that this “monster” is capable of reaching speeds near 55 mph, but anyone familiar with the Traxxas’ TMaxx models already know the about the series’ reputation of perfectly blending pace, balance and torque. Like every other well made RC nitro car that is good at running off-road, the TMaxx 3.3 also has powerful torque at its rear.

After mentioning all the advanced hobby-grade RC nitro cars, let me introduce you to the “Spirit Truck”, which is meant for rejuvenating the RC car owner’s spirit by bringing back a bit of fun and entertainment back into today’s competitive RC car racing. The preset Spirit Truck is a RC car that runs on batteries but just like all Traxxas RC cars, it still is capable of running at competitive speeds, although it focuses more on bringing the ol-school feel back to RC cars.

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A Description Of RC Helicopter

Remote control helicopter exist in diverse ranges, from the small to the big. There are fundamentally 2 categories of radio controlled planes, nitro and electric. Nitro fuel is sited in the more influential in addition to bigger RC helicopter, which assist the plane to turn on the whole.

In current years, the electric RC helicopter has, appeared as an excellent runner for the design of tiny models for learner and interior exercise. People regard as these radio controlled airplanes as hard to control and hard to navigate. Nevertheless, it is true, other than once we begin to learn, it will become really very enjoyable and pleasurable hobby for us. Piloting a radio controlled airplane can be a challenging mission moreover people might call for practicing hours and hours before they are acquainted with the control navigations and take it off without any difficulty or danger. Despite the fact that it is expensive and can be hard and highly technological, the consequence is always full of excitement.

Most customers take wing their RC helicopter during the day. Yet lately, many have taken to the air for several night flying. Once people set up controlling the jet, they, in the long run, start on to maneuver it up in the sky and attempting out tricks. Though, it is essential to learn and adjust simple and higher maneuvering approaches and techniques before performing for a large spectators to pass up security harm.

Radio and technical progressions have urbanized these airplanes to a large degree, making them more possible in winging terms. The finest part about a radio controlled airplane is that, people can take it off across and around their area without bothering anyone. The RC helicopter hardly makes any huge sound that will draw concentration. Powered by electric motors, these airplanes are milieu friendly and simple to apply. Nitro planes have also been changed to electric power by profitable kits. 3D is recognized to be the most excellent form of RC winging. 3D winging engages expertise maneuverability with these types of airplane and is well-known amongst the usual RC fervent. There is a mixture of events arranged for 3D winging by scores of associations around the world. 3D masters in the UK and Extreme winging club in the US maintains to be in the most familiar ones. Plus, they make a grand present for birthdays or Christmas, but if people purchase them around Christmas they will have to be cautious with the beautifications as it would be very simple to get the toy tied up in all the lynching adornments.

At first people should find out the best place to get the RC helicopter. It is obvious that they will first desire to look in an electronics store. There they could get remote control helicopter for a pretty sensible cost and they will perhaps get long-lasting model. It is highly suggested to first go to one’s chosen corporation’s online site and browse the models they have for deal.

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Fly RC Heli, Fly!

How hard is it to fly an RC helicopter? This is the question usually asked by those who are interested to own this kind of toy but may be hesitant that they might break it after purchasing if without the knowledge of how to pilot this device. Even those who already know how to fly one would still ask this question and it will depend on the type of RC toy they are referring to.

Just as there are different kinds and types of RC cars and trucks, there are also different styles and kinds of RC helicopters. There is the toy kind, an RC Quadrocopters, Electric, Micro-coaxial kind, Nitro RC, Gas RC, Turbine RC and Scale RC’s. With each kind of RC helicopters there is a slightly different approach to flying it and maintaining it.

As many people have said, an RC Helicopter is as hard to fly. Well, of course it is. It will take a while to of practice. Actually just don’t practice a whole lot, but a lot and more if possible. It you own one you will find out that, if you are not that careful, your RC helicopter toy has the tendency to break easily in mishandled flying.

Thought it may be the hardest toy to operate, flying it can be learned and as always there are a few ways to start learning. You just have to pick the best strategy and work on it. As far as advices go, you can practice flying your RC Helicopter by learning first from a professional. Yes, a [professional because this toy is not just made for the small boys but also the big ones.

Back then, a nitro powered single rotor is the only option to learn its components about in order to start learning to fly the RC toy. It will definitely help if you are familiar with that kind of the toy part. It’s also different to learn flying a heli with micro co-axial component. If you think that it’s the same, be careful for it is not.

Crashing is inevitable and there are toys that do not function if parts of it internal or external have been broken. This is why it is advisable if you would like to get serious about flying an RC helicopter, you will need to invest not only time but also money to see great rewards. Just like owning a business is a risky undertake, so is flying an RC toy. Expect to crash in 10-20 seconds if you’re a newbie.

Learning flying the toy the first time is mentally exhausting. It you intend to practice only two hours every day, there’s a possibility that because of your determination, it could already take the whole afternoon or even a day. If you really want to be good, invest a good ample of your time and you’ll soon be a pro.

Online, there are flight tutorials on how to make your RC helicopter fly up in the air. It could be frustrating to make mistakes while flying but also rewarding when you learn new tricks for flying. Once learned you’ll realize that flying is easy but mastering is not.

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RC Cars for Kids of All Ages

Remote control, also known as RC cars are fun for kids and adults alike. RC cars provide a massive amount of thrill and entertainment. For children, RC cars put that too young to drive in legal control of the vehicle. For grown-ups, RC cars offer the thrill of the race in speed, as well as a youthful exuberance.

Radio controlled cars can be purchased at toy stores. The horror in cars used for racing and competitions can be purchased online and hobby shops. It consists of two units. The car in the radio control. The radio control usually has two sets of joysticks. One is control forward and backward movement. The other control side to side movement. The less expensive radio controlled cars are powered by rechargeable batteries. The enthusiast models of radio controlled cars can also be powered by batteries, but many have actual gas powered engines.

With the growing popularity of radio controlled cars, manufacturers are offering several models to fit with every budget, need, and fantasy. For example, some makers offer radio controlled cars that are modeled after a real-life counterpart, such as member Lamborghini, Hummers, Ferraris, and pourches.

When you are considering the purchase of a remote control car, think about what you were be using it for. Will it be a gift for child? Perhaps a less expensive models from the toy store will fit the bill. Japan on sharing the joy and for our radio controlled cars with your own child? It more expensive model with the above-average features would be a good choice. Perhaps even purchasing one for your child and one for yourself or enhance your time together, as you can race with each other.

But you planning on starting up a new hobby for yourself? Hobby shop models that you can take apart, tweak, and modify will keep you engrossed for hours on end. You might even wish to purchase a gasoline powered radio controlled car. Either way, get one that is easier to operate so you can get a feel for the controls. Japan on racing cars competitively? Get a gasoline powered model with all the bells and whistles these are the ultimate performance models that you can also modify to extract every ounce of performance and speed.

As a child I played with RC cars quite a bit. They were the cheap battery operated models, but I didn’t care. I just wanted to run my car in the empty parking lot. I never did progress into racing my RC car, but I really enjoyed it when I was young.

Keith Londrie II is a successful Webmaster and the owner and publisher of A website that specializes in providing tips on Radio Control Cars that you can research on the internet. Visit today!

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Engine Issues On Nitro RC Cars

When you have an RC car, be on the look-out always of the possible problems or errors that could occur before, during and after a run. Keep your eyes peeled on every possible angles where running too fast could go wrong. But, you are the only person as well who knows if your RC car is running in its best condition or not. If you have any doubts, even if it’s the smallest, be sure that you have conduct final check-up of your car right before you hit the tracks. This goes out most especially for owners running nitro-powered RC cars.

Common error occurs in the engine. This is the most important part of your RC car (even the real life cars extremely depend on a good conditioned engines), this simply means that you need to check it and the fuel that runs your car (if it is powered by gas). If after several turns just seconds from running, caused your car to stop, it could be an issue on the engine. There isn’t enough gas that is being pulled up to maintain the engine’s speed and running duration. In this case, check the piston sleeve of the engine. It could already be worn out and replacing it is your best option.

Usually, if the engine of the car is the problem, its fuel system needs to be checked generally. But, before doing so; you can also simply tune in to how your engine sounds after starting it. Using different types of fuel for your nitro RC car could also be the reason of a failing fuel system. But you have to understand that changing fuels for your RC car has an impact to its general running performance. Also, changes on the type of fuel that you consume calls for smoke problems at some point. But don’t just depend on the smoke; even on the sound that you see and hear.

For an even more reliable engine check and diagnostic, check if your engine has a clean fuel system. Try to see as well if the engine has other problems aside from fuel issues.

Racing Radio Controlled Cars is a perfect site in the internet to learn all about RC cars, tips on racing and maintenance.

The Different Types Of RC Cars And Trucks

Radio controlled cars, remote controlled cars or RC cars and trucks are items, with which to have fun. However, many RC hobbyists take their fun very seriously indeed. They want their RC car or truck to be the most realistic or the fastest by tweaking the basic kit and by tuning up the engine. This is not a new phenomenon at all. Hobbyists have been building and racing model cars since the 1940’s. However, these early cars were hamstrung by technology.

In the early days of the hobby, the models had to be manufactured by hand by hobbyists and radio control was ineffective and too dear for home use. Those early models were controlled remotely by wire. Therefore remote controlled model cars could only run the length of the wire, which meant in effect that the car went round and round the operator. It was not until the 1960’s that radio control was available and this meant proper races around a proper race track. The true hobby-cum-sport of model racing was born.

After the hobby or sport had been opened up by real radio control, it became more exciting and it attracted more hobbyists and with them came improvement and commercial interest. This means that the technology involved in radio controlled cars and trucks has come on in leaps and bounds. One point worth mentioning here is that a big differentiation between model cars used to be whether they were remote controlled or radio controlled. Unfortunately, they are both shortened to RC and so the terms are often used arbitrarily these days.

The most popular RC cars for novices are the electrically driven model cars and trucks. Electric RC cars have to depend on rechargeable batteries for power. This is their main disadvantage, but being electrically driven also means that the car is cleaner and more responsive to control. Electrically driven cars are apt to be lighter and therefore faster. They are cleaner because there is no exhaust. They are easier to maintain, but also less easy to modify. They accelerate extremely quickly

The next step for many RC hobbyists is the Nitro car. Nitro cars are driven by miniature engines which run on a mixture of nitromethane and lubricating oil. These cars are very fast with a fast acceleration. They can reach and maintain higher speeds than electric cars, whose batteries are continuously running down which means less power for speed.

Nitro cars and trucks are noisy and smelly. They produce the loud whine that people link with model racing, but they also produce exhaust which means that they cannot be used indoors.

More and more replica cars are now using petroleum powered RC cars. These models tend to be the larger ones. These RC cars and trucks have engines that are more familiar to the non-specialist, but they have all the characteristics of an typical car. They produce fumes, noise and are slower to accelerate that the other kinds. However, petrol driven engines will last longer than nitro engines. Because these models are larger, they can take more fuel on board and so travel longer distances.

All three of the above varieties can then be on-road or off-road. On-road cars will be made for racing only and the tyres will be racing tyres and the engines will be finely tuned to reach top speed quickly and maintain it for the length of the race. On the other hand, off-road RC cars are built for travelling up and down hill over all kinds of geological hazards, so the engine has to have more torque and the tyres need to be able to sustain a good grip. These cars are usually slower.

The last distinguishing feature of the various RC cars is size or more precisely the scale. 1:8 was and still is quite popular. That scale means that for every eight inches of the actual car, the replica is one inch long. Other popular sizes are 1:10 and 1:12, but there is a new class of RC cars and trucks gaining popularity, the monster 1:5 cars and trucks, which are petrol driven.

Owen Jones, the writer of this piece, writes on many topics, but is currently involved with gas remote control cars. If you have an interest in model RC vehicles, please click through to our website now at 1/5 Scale RC Cars

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Advanced Remote Control Cars Improve Racing Skills

If you want to enter Radio Control (RC) Hobbies, or improve your RC racing skills, it is important that you have the right tools in hand. Radio controlled cars or trucks –those self-powered, model-size cars and trucks that can be driven from a distance using radio frequencies sent through a remote control and received by a specialized receiver–can either be toy-grade or hobby-grade. Toy grade RC vehicles are inexpensive and readily available in many retail outlets, however Hobby-grade RC cars and trucks offer a number of very important benefits and advantages. These include:

* They are substantially faster and provide much better overall performance
* They use much higher quality components which make them more durable, and enable higher performance
* They are repairable, and spare parts are available, so if you break something or a component fails you can easily repair them. With toy-class vehicles you usually have to throw them out
* They offer much more scope to improve your racing and RC control skills and provide more fun and challenge, as they are far more capable vehicles
* A wide variety of different RC car and truck classes are available, which provide for different types of racing and driving – both on-road, and off-road. This provides an on-going opportunity to develop new racing skills and keeps RC hobbies challenging and fun
* Hobby-class RC cars and trucks can be upgraded and customized, so you can modify and enhance your RC car or truck to your particular preferences

Hobby-grade RC cars are ideal for those who are not only seeking quality Remote Control Car models, but also those wishing to improve their racing skills, and enjoy all that RC hobbies has to offer.

Whatever your purpose for buying an RC vehicle–whether to play in your own backyard, have a fun hobby you can play with your kids , or compete in a more formal setting–it is important to find a good model that will satisfy your requirements, while still fitting within your budget. Choose hobby outlets that offer the best value and inventory of RC cars, trucks, and other radio or remote controlled hobbies, to make sure that you are getting the most RC vehicle for your money. Hobby-grade vehicles are now available that are within the budget of most buyers. Choose a vendor with a strong warranty and support, and that keeps the parts for your vehicle in stock.

There are many different types of RC cars, RC buggies and RC trucks available in the market, and they are categorized according to their capabilities, power sources, driving terrain or styles of racing they support.

RC vehicles are also classified by their size ( ie 1/16 scale, 1/10 scale, 1/8 scale or 1/5 scale) – the lower the denominator, the larger the vehicle – for instance 1/8 scale is larger than 1/10 scale.

Another key classification is their power source – whether are powered by an electric motor ( brushed or brushless), nitro gas engines, or in the case of 1/5 scale and larger vehicles – some of these can also use gasoline engines with an oil/gas mixture.

In all cases, hobby-grade vehicles are the way to go, if you will want to enjoy the hobby, and improve your RC racing skills. sells Radio or Remote Control Hobby Products. Their primary products are RC Cars, RC Trucks, RC Buggies, and RC Crawlers, however they also sell some RC airplanes, RC Helicopters, and RC Boats. They provide very affordable, quality products, and back them with a 1 year warranty and an extensive inventory of parts.

Enjoy With Electric RC Cars And Nitro RC Cars

If you are thinking about getting a rc car for yourself or for someone you know, then selecting the perfect and complete remote control car that can be quite a dilemma. Thus far, you can forget them like headaches and turn them into something enjoyable and electrifying after all. To get it all began, first get to know the basic functions behind a RC car. RC cars are the fastest and most favorite section in RC car avocations today. In the RC car world, the smaller the car, the more costly it is.

There are basically two types of rc cars that are maximum sold in market place. These cars are named as nitro rc cars and electric rc cars. Electric rc cars run on electric powered battery. Electric rc cars are becoming more and more favorite with finer explanations. While there are nitro and gas powered rc vehicles, there are some disadvantages of these cars that you wont discover in electric rc cars. One of them of course is the fact the fuel motor RC’s use petroleum goods, which contaminate the surroundings, doesn’t matter how small their emissions might be. Anyone who is environmentally aware will like the reality that electric models do not foul the air.

Without a uncertainty, nitro rc cars are a lot of fun. Nitro rc cars use a remote in command to power the cars action. The nitro cars on the other hand, utilize fuel mentioned to as nitro. Nitro fuel incorporates a mixture of nitro methane, in add-on to methane and oil. This assists the nitro cars to alleviate screaming double-quick speed in comparison to remote cars. In some cases, nitro rc cars can reach speeds up to 75 miles per hour. Looking on the individual’s level and taste, people have a choice from nitro Remote Control cars in which they assemble themselves or comes pr-assembled.

Electric rc cars have powered battery packs instead of nitro or gas fuel tanks, and electric motors instead of gas. RC cars do not need as much maintenance, the 9.6 volt powered battery packs stopper right in, and can be recharged up with an adapter and a wall plug. For sober out door enthusiasts, a solar panel or other alternate energy power source can be used when out camping on roads or on mountains. You can even purchase more than one pack, so you can keep on charged at all the time, while the other one is in the rc car.

When searching for places to get nitro rc cars or electric rc cars from, attempt to look for one that is esteemed and in superior standing. If you still have problems finding one, why not try asking a booster of rc cars for recommendations Sometimes, searching on the World Wide Web can also give you a huge variety of choices. Plus, various sales and discounts might even come your way that way.

The hobby of rc cars is becoming popular day by day. People are passionate about their rc vehicles whether they have electric rc cars or nitro rc cars.

Features Of Electric RC Cars And Nitro RC Cars

Radio-controlled or RC cars are self-powered model cars that can be controlled remotely. The term “remotely” means the electric rc cars can be controlled remotely from a long distance. The rc cars can be controlled using transmitters the rc cars may be controlled using radio waves or any other communication technology. The electric rc cars are very cheaper than any other electric cars.

The rc cars are not harmful. The rc cars are easy to drive (operate). The rc cars are not dangerous. stocks the latest and hottest selection of Nitro RC Cars and Electric RC Cars. The electric rc cars uses the electric mechanisms to adjust the speed of motor or speed of the car.

Do not think what you know Forget what you know about electric rc cars, the technology has been changed. Now days the technology is so advanced that you will be going high speeds and saving money on fuel. in the past they may not used to go fast as a Nitro car, electric rc cars can provide just as much quality entertainment. New technology makes these speed machines go quicker than before. The HPI racing and Taxes making newer, more quality electric rc cars and nitro rc cars.

The nitro rc cars are expensive as compared to electric rc cars. The nitro rc cars uses the nitro gases to run instead of electric power like in electric rc cars. Nitro-powered RCs cost more and require a larger commitment of time and skill but many hobbyists would have nothing less. The rc toy house provides a nitro rc gas cars at affordable cost.

The rc toy house provides a electric rc cars and nitro rc cars that RC Gas Cars and electric rc cars are ready to run (RTR) and comes with everything you need to operate (glow plug and nitro gas fuel must be purchased separately). These rc cars are perfect for beginners and intermediate drivers who desire high quality and affordable nitro RC cars and electric rc cars. Keep maintaining your electric rc car or nitro rc car to keep your car speeds up.

To purchase remote control cars and RC car parts, the best market is the web space. Even though finding a physical hobby store may not be a challenge as RC cars are promptly available in most prime market places, purchasing your powerhouse from a web seller will ensure many added benefits. First of all, you do not have to go from tower to post to find a bargain as any web search engine can get you the addresses of a number of online sellers offering RC equipment. Secondly, due to the debased repair value of online shops, doesn’t matter whether you need to purchase a remote control car or some RC car parts, you are sure to find some great discount deals.

Electric RC Cars use powered battery to run at high speed while the super fast nitro rc cars use nitro fuel to accelerate.

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Acquire A Fresh, More Enjoyable Pastime With Nitro RC Cars

It is no wonder RC cars are so popular now because they will give you a lot of amusement for not so big amount of cash. Couple of types exists on the market today which is determined by the user’s experience: electric for beginners, gas for a bit more skillful users and nitro powered RC cars for the specialists.

The highest praises has the nitro sport RC car. Its system is rather complex and is difficult for novices. You need to build up your abilities first. And you can achieve that by using a less difficult model, such as electric one. By the point you are more skillful you’ll be ready for the professional nitro powered RC car.

A car with remote controls is a very fine gift for children. But the nitro type isn’t for them. It is far more rational to obtain them an electric powered RC car first because it’s a piece of cake to use them. By the time their skills get better they will be prepared for a nitro sport RC car.

Two most popular models of RC cars on the market are nitro and gas powered. The main difference is the fuel combination. The gas type uses the gas, as the name says, and the nitro one uses the mixture which includes nitro methane, substance which enables high speeds. That is why more advanced enthusiasts prefer this type.

Remote-control cars are amusing for both kids and adults. Nitro is the fastest, so if you are a novice you ought to start with the electric car. But if you still want to feel superior speed, try the gas powered type because they can also reach a greater speed than electric can. Your abilities and experience will determine whether nitro is for you.

Higher cost of the nitro sport RC car is due to the fact that it is the fastest model on the market. Maneuverability and the complexity of this model will dictate the cost. Novices should again be aware that this is not for inexperienced users. When you extend the abilities you can get this model.

Your nitro gas powered RC car operates in a very similar way to your usual automobile, so you have to be aware of the basic maintenance rules. Components need to be clean. Air filtration system, which keeps the engine dirt-free and fuel lines, must be scrupulously cleaned to ensure the smooth running. Balanced maintenance is necessary so motor would not get damaged.

If you are a professional in RC car field and use nitro car, or have just started it and plan to buy an electric type, many hours of enjoyment are guaranteed. Once you become skilled and start using nitro RC car, you will not be able to stop using it.

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Nitro RC Cars and Nitro RC Airplanes: Are they allowed to use the same nitro fuel?

RC glow engine systems use nitro fuel. This is a methanol-based fuel that has nitro methane and oil added into the mix. The nitro methane in the fuel used by most nitro RC cars are typically about 20%, but could go in the range of 10% to 40%; sometimes, this could even go higher. There are several discussions as to whether the nitro fuel used in nitro RC cars is suitable for use with its airplane counterpart. The major difference in the nitro fuel used by both all lies in the percentage of the nitro methane.

The oil in the RC fuel is there to reduce friction and help the RC engine cool itself. Nitro fuel usually contains castor oil, synthetic oil, or sometimes a mix of both.Castor oil is able to break down at high temperatures and produce a lubricating film while synthetic oil lubricates at low temperature and burns off at high temperature. Nitro RC cars run hotter and have less efficient cooling systems than the nitro RC airplane, which is why the nitro fuel for nitro RC cars uses castor oil more than the synthetic oil.

The percentage of oil used in the nitro RC cars and the nitro RC airplane ranges from 8% to 25%. There is currently a debate going on about whether an RC aircraft needs a higher percentage of oil in its nitro fuel because it runs at full throttle during most of its flight than a nitro RC car that is only able to run at full throttle for short periods of time. However, these are all still debatable.

While it is true that the normal percentage of nitro in nitro fuel is at 10% to 40%, there are nitro fuels available with as much as 60% or as low as 0% nitro. Most of the nitro RC cars use the 10% to 40% nitro blend for optimum runs, while its airplane counterpart uses only 5% to 10%. There are also some nitro RC cars and nitro RC airplane engines that are able to run on regular gasoline when mixed with motor oil, diesel fuel, propane, or sometimes even kerosene. However, these engines are those endowed with spark plugs instead of glow plugs. Note too that these types of engines are not what are typically sold in the market.

The best fuel to start out when running nitro RC cars of nitro RC airplane is the mixture that is recommended by the manufacturers. Don’t start on experimenting on various nitro blends for your RC car and RC airplane’s fuel until you have sufficient familiarity with how your RC engine works. You will then be able to understand the effects of different nitro blends with the performance of your RC car and nitro RC airplane and start experimenting to find the mix that is best suited to your RC engine. But for now, stick with the manufacturer’s choice in nitro fuel blends.

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RC Planes For The Novice

Flying is a passionate experience, which only those who have flown before can vouch for. It is an experience only to be felt within, it cannot be seen or touched.

Prior to the year 1930, before model planes were put on trial, boys used to fly kites. The reason I mention this is because most people have always been enamored by the skies, and anything that takes flight. After a lot of crashes, the model planes got better and better. They improved over the years. From a basic wooden model to today’s dye cast iron or steel, they have come through a long and arduous journey. But, for the patient hobbyist or fan, it has been a long but fruitful wait. Now anyone and everyone can fly model planes. It does not have to be a person from any particular gender too.

You get unassembled or assembled beginners kits, which are simple enough so you don’t have to be a Picasso to do it right. Check out the instructions that come along with it and you will do just fine. Take the park flyer – low maintenance and speed, and less skill required. This is apt for a learner. Even if you are looking at engines, go for the electric ones which run on a battery. They do have speed so you still feel good while flying them.

But they are not as fast as the nitro ones, which may go out of control and crash. You need to take care and choose accordingly. If you know any people who fly regularly, ask them for a few tips. These could prove to be very beneficial, as all the mistakes they made could be avoided by you. Create an interest to learn and pick up pointers, as it is very essential that you know the basics before you send your first plane up. Don’t want your first attempt to be a complete disaster, do you?

Ensure that the plane or helicopter you purchase does not require a flying license. As there is going to be a lot of trial and error, till you do become an expert one day, and have a collection of fantastic planes. But till then, remain grounded, and just pursue it as a sport in your free time. We all want to be good at things, but some of us cannot be good at everything. It is only later that you will realize whether you are good at flying or not.

My suggestion to you is – invest in a cheaper plane. You might have to go through a couple of them before you get in tune with the concept of flying. So be prepared, and keep your pocket ready. You also have the option of joining a flying club, as there will be professionals to help you out.

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Considering Gas Powered Radio Control Cars

When you want to be a serious minded race enthusiast, you’ll find that gas powered radio controlled cars are right up your alley. While you can get them in hobby shops, gas powered radio controlled cars are far more than toys, and when you want to see realistic features and impressive speed and performance, you’ll find that this is the type of car for you. The gasoline run models utilize internal combustion engines and the result is some great speed!

There are a number of different models to choose form when you want a gas powered radio controlled car. The selection is a great aspect of this hobby, and large gas powered models have gotten much more popular. The fuel engine sizes run between .12 to .21 cubic inches, and though they are small in scale, they should run with the same momentum and with the same control as a full-sized car.

You’ll use 12 AA batteries to get the onboard electronics going, and a glow plug, which serves the same purpose as a spark plug, can be used to start the engine. Fuel is used to run it, and you’ll find that it is easy to get cars that are ready to go right out of the box. You’ll have everything that you need to get started with this hobby.

The realistic performance that the Gas Powered RC cars have will not be found with the electric powered cars. If outdoor racing is your preference, the Gas RC cars are the only choice. Electric cars are normally found to be better suited for indoors. The gas that fuels the Gas Powered RC cars is a special gasoline that is more commonly referred to as nitro.

Nitro cars are another way to say gas powered cars. When speed is a priority, you’ll find that your gas powered car can move forward at speeds like 75 miles per hour. This is a very reasonable hobby to get into economically, and no matter what your budget is, you are sure to find something that suits.

You can get the ride of your life with the gas powered RC cars. They have fewer parts and in some ways, they are easier to operate than electric RC cars. The parts and the fuel for your model can easily be bought at any local hobby store, and you’ll find that you are looking at the same maintenance that you would put into a real car.

The high speed Gas Powered RC cars require tune ups and more regular maintenance than electric cars. Some manufacturers advise persons to be over 16 years of age in order to operate the Gas Powered RC cars. These are high powered almost true to life toy sized -car replicas. You will need to spend some time practicing and learning the fundamentals of handling high speed gas RC cars. Improving driving skills is necessary to achieve great satisfaction with the Gas Powered RC cars.

Choosing a Gas Powered Radio Control Car will suit your hobby with racing and speed. Look into the low maintenance and affordability with these RC cars. The maintenance should be easier and less expensive than with the electric models.

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Electric RC Cars: Genuine Fun And Excitement

Should you be interested in the world of remote control cars, please read on. In the event that you are a beginner, you should get an electric version of the remote controlled cars or trucks. They are likely to be much easier than nitro cars, and simpler to run. They never make as much noise and they don’t produce contaminants so you can use them just about anywhere. As the electric cars don’t carry as much power as nitro cars, each one does have a good pickup.

To power the motor and guiding of the Electric RC cars, a rechargeable battery pack is used. They may be recharged from a wall socket or a 12-volt car battery. Depending on the sort of car you possess, you will get about 5-10 minutes of drive time from 15-30 minutes of charging. Given that you aren’t getting much time for each charge, you should have an extra battery pack to switch back and forth. Using this method, one battery can always be recharging, and ready when the other one runs out.

Despite the fact that in the beginning it doesn’t cost as much as a nitro car, the electric RC car comes with some added costs. Over time, the prices will be closer, given that you will need extra battery packs, a battery charge, and some additional accessories for your electric RC car. The large cost is the battery pack and that can certainly be determined based on how often you’ll use your RC car. The initial cost may be high so you might want to make sure that you can afford what you need. The electronic RC cars are simpler to maintain since you don’t need to tune the engines very often. This is great for beginners since you do not have to the air filters and fuel as you would a nitro car.

It’s possible to have your electric RC cars for several years if you take proper care of it and correctly store the battery packs. As a result of referring to the instruction manual you can get the right battery pack, and properly care for them. The newbie looking to purchase a genuine racing experience is offered an easy learning curve with electric RC cars and trucks. With all of the parts and related problems of the nitro RC cars, starting out with the electric RC cars is still much easier. Thus as a beginner, you will probably get all the fun and excitement of RC racing with an electric RC car without the headaches of a nitro RC car.

If you prefer an electric car, but want to construct your own, electric kits can be purchased. You’ll be able to build your own car from scratch with all the complete instructions given. The electric RC car kits tend to be easier to build compared to nitro cars. You can have quite a few years of enjoyable RC racing assuming you follow the directions correctly and do regular maintenance.

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How To Identify the Problems With Your RC Nitro Cars

If you have RC nitro cars, chances are you already know how much it takes to take good care of their engines. However, what would you do if you find that despite all the care you put into ensuring that your car’s engine is well taken care of, you find that it won’t start at all? Here are some of the things that you can do to identify what is wrong with your RC nitro cars.
1. The Nitro Fuel
If your engine won’t start, it may be because you’ve placed the wrong kind of nitro car fuel into you RC nitro cars engine. Remember to read the instructions that come with your car to make sure that you use only the best compatible nitro fuel with it.
2. Tune Your Nitro Engine
Like a regular car, your RC nitro cars engine needs to be tuned before you operate. Also note that to achieve the optimum performance for your engine, be sure that it has been properly broken in. The proper break-in procedures and how to tune you car properly are often included in the manual that comes with your car. Read these and follow them to the letter and you will find that this will be able to prevent any major engine trouble from happening. If you have neglected where you put your car’s instruction manual, you can always go online and search for it at the various enthusiast’s sites that are available online.
3. The Fuel Lines
A possible reason for your engine to stop working is that fuel is unable to reach the engine. Check the fuel lines, which deliver the fuel to the carburetor, because it may be at some point clogged with dirt or air. If these elements are present, then fuel will not flow into the engine and you will find that your car will be unable to start. If you ever notice any fault with one of your car’s fuel lines, replace it and get a new one.
4. Internal Broken Parts
This is probably the most difficult problem to recognize in terms of RC nitro cars, and you may want to leave this as the last consideration as to why your RC nitro cars engine won’t start. If you have already exhausted all the possibilities regarding the problem with your car, then lift the engine’s cover and take a look inside of it to see whether there is a part that has been broken down or even worn out. If this is the case, then it is more prudent to consider replacing the engine altogether or you could opt to send it to its manufacturer for repairs. It’s really up to you.
Ultimately, you should know that there are several of things that could cause your car’s engine from not starting, and the key is to not panic and instead try to isolate the problem so that you will be able to deal with it accordingly.

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Maintaining you RC Nitro Cars

Like a regular, real life car, RC nitro cars are in need of regular maintenance. If you don’t give it the maintenance it needs, chances are it won’t perform on the racetracks as it ought to. Regular RC nitro cars maintenance will also help you save a lot of money and time in the long run.
Remember that RC nitro cars engines run on a fuel that is a combination of oil, methanol, and nitro methane. As such, it is very important that you use only the proper combination of these three elements on your car. If you find at any given time that your car is not running on its optimum speed, it may be well caused by poor or the wrong fuel combination. You should also take care to check your car’s fuel lines for cracks because they may cause your engine not to work. To avoid these, check the fuel lines before every race ad remove all the dirt or any residue before use.
Another important component of your RC nitro cars are the air filter. Air filters help keep the car’s engine clean from dust, debris, and any form of dirt. Keep in mind that a working air filter equates to a smoothly running car, so be sure to remember to clean it regularly or maybe even after every use. If however, you find that you will be unable to give it a proper cleaning, then don’t try to do it yourself and have a toy technician do it for you.
You should also look out for bad tires. Never try to race with your RC nitro cars on a bad tire. Make sure that you always check them before launching. You should also take extra measure to ensure that you have the right tire type for your car. This will make sure that it will run smoothly.
Setting up RC nitro cars can indeed be a little bit tricky. In fact, setting one up will prove to me more tedious than setting up, say, and electric RC car. However, when you get to have your nitro engine running, you will be given more freedom in making adjustments that will improve your RC car’s performance. For instance, you can customize your car’s carburetor and determine yourself how much air and fuel you want to be used by the car’s engine. But then again, you should always take care when you do any customization to your car because if you do anything wrong, then it could lead to its early demise.
Note too that if you haven’t used your toy car in a while, it is very prudent to have it tested and tune it first so you can make sure that every important component is clean and everything is fully functional. Take care to check for clogged parts, loose screws, broken components, and debris.
Always remember that good maintenance of your RC car is important, and if you don’t do this, you may only be spending more. Keep it in good condition, and you won’t have to spend a lot of money for repairs.

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