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Are you Serious about RC Performance?

Get the Software the Pro's Use... (Engine Tuning Made Simple)

Competitors who are REALLY fast, in all forms of RC Racing, are the ones who understand HOW to build a top performing engine.

  • The Engine Guru's talk in a language that the average RC Competitor doesn't understand.
  • How can these people be getting such AMAZING performance?
  • Can I produce an engine which will perform like theirs?
  • Answer: ABSOLUTELY !!!

“Tuning” an engine using good fit, good time/area relationships and correct compression ratios is not difficult now! Learning HOW to build a top performing engine is EASY, using The Engine Analysis Software. What are the chances of the average modeler "stumbling onto" the secrets of a top perfoming engine? NO CHANCE AT ALL, there are "way to many variables" for this to happen.

History of the Engine Analysis Software Development:

During the late 1980's, a group of rc boat modelers who were also engineers started talking about the possibility of making a tool to accurately measure and document RC Engines, get rid of the inaccurate degree wheel, convert the measurements to useful data, and apply the results to their engines.

They found that there were many complex formulas involved in order to solve the problem. After several years of development and refinement of the Engine Analysis Software, the group developed the original Engine Analysis Software. They used it continually and found it indispensable. Performance of the engines of this group increased to the point that they were dominating National Model Competitions.

The group decided that this Software was too important to the RC Modeling Community to keep to themselves. A few copies of the software were provided to some of the top rc engine builders and tuners across the country. THEY LOVED IT and used it every day in their engine building businesses.

The software development group decided to offer it for sale to competitors on a very limited basis. People from everywhere got wind of the availability and the pressure was on to make it available to everyone. Engine Manufacturers began using it in their R & D Labs. Engine Tuners started using it in their everyday engine modification businesses. "Super Serious RC Competitors" started using it to build and tune their personal engines.

The program is now used by Serious RC Competitors in Boats, Planes, Cars, and all other forms of RC Racing and Competition.

The Engine Analysis Software includes many useful sections including:

  • Calculation of Compression Ratios in Two Methods
  • Conversion of Measurement into Degrees of Duration
  • Head Manufacturing Module
  • Carb Sizing Module
  • Time/Area Study Section
  • Maximum Rod Angle Output
  • Blow Down Degree Output
  • Open & Closing Points for Rotor and Crank Induction System
  • Tuned Pipe Builder

  • All outputs are automatically generated, after the inputting of a few specific engine measurements.

    You will immediately discover that small changes made using the Engine Analysis Software WILL yield HUGE performance increases.


    Over the past several years the developers of this software, have been doing extensive testing using their Inertial Dynamometer. Most of the sample engine specifications, given in this program, are a summary of their findings. You are getting their test results and discoveries, as part of the package - FREE!

    We would be happy to provide you with testimonials or direct contact information of engine builders and modelers using this software.
    Please write to us at sales@rc-rcboat.com

    See some specific suggestions and tips on the usage of this software... HERE.

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    Engine Analysis Software
    Copyright(c) 2/6/2002 by Marten W. Davis

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    ENGINE Analysis Software for the Serious RC Competitor